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Buffy & Angel - ,, I ain’t gettin’ any older.”

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Buffy: "Be a long time coming. Years, if ever."
Angel:" I ain't gettin' any older."

Buffy & Angel - ,, I love you so much…! ."

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Angel: Am I a thing worth saving, huh? Am I a righteous man? The world wants me gone!
Buffy: What about me? I love you so much… And I tried to make you go away… I killed you and it didn't help And I hate it! I hate that it's so hard… and that you can hurt me so much. I know everything that you did, because you did it to me. Oh, God! I wish that I wished you dead. I don't. I can't

Parallels between the last episode of Buffy and Angel.

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Krásné ........Líbající

Parallels between the last episode of Buffy and Angel.
I always felt like it was a beautiful way to show how their love changed them , and their destiny. It impacted their life forever even if they were apart. Angel was about to kill himself , thinking he was brave by giving up but Buffy teached him that strong means fighting and to never give up. She gave him a purpose , a goal , a meaning to his life. The show ends with Angel still fighting even when the world is against him. Angel sacrificied his love her , the only woman he ever loved for two centuries , the woman that made him feel human again because he wanted her to have a normal life , to shine and that's how the show , after 7 seasons , ends. Angel gave her the necklace ( that also saved the world ), ending their meeting with the famous "I ain't getting older" in response to Buffy's thoughts that they may end up together , if she is done baking ;).

Buffy & Angel | The Harold Song

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Krásné, velmi doporučuji ! Líbající

Buffy and Angel ,, I’ll see you next month."

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Buffy: Angel? I can just see him in a relationship. 'Hi, honey, you're in grave danger. I'll see you next month.'

Happy Halloween

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Trochu opožděně veselý Halloween, a pridávám fotku jednoho páru, kteří se na Halloween rozhodli jít za Buffy a Angela :)